Contact me if you are interested in joining the lab. Please write a short description of what you're interested in. Generic emails will not be answered.

PhD positions are potentially available via the new DFG-funded Research Training Group on Extrospection

A HiWi position is available for two years:

The position is for 41 hours/month and will include literature search, programming experimental tasks (in Matlab, JavaScript), collecting and analysing behavioural and neuroimaging data (in Matlab, R).
Relevant study background; Good English (German is a plus, but not strictly necessary); Good Microsoft Office knowledge; Experience with programming; Ability to work in a team; Knowledge of Signal Detection Theory is a plus.
Interested candidates, please contact me (Elisa Filevich) via email. Full applications in English (including a letter of motivation and CV) should be sent before July 22, 2019 with reference key 2113/16/19 to