Contact me if you are interested in joining the lab. Please write a short description of what you're interested in. Generic emails will not be answered.

PhD positions are potentially available via the new DFG-funded Research Training Group on Extrospection or through the ECN Graduate School

We are looking for two research assistants (SHK) to work on Metacognition of action with is un the Metamotorlab, based at the Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience and part of HU-Psychology. We are a small team studying how (much) we know about the way we move our bodies. The positions are for 40 hours/month and will include literature search, programming experimental tasks (in Matlab, JavaScript), collecting and analysing behavioural and neuroimaging data (in Matlab, R).

Requirements are:
Relevant study background; Good English (German is a plus, but not strictly necessary); Good Microsoft Office knowledge; Experience with programming; Ability to work in a team; Knowledge of Signal Detection Theory is a plus.

Interested candidates, please contact me (Elisa Filevich) via email. Full applications in English (including a letter of motivation and CV) should be sent before April 6, 2021 with the reference key 2113/09/21 to Later applications will be considered until we fill the positions.