Metacognition of arm movements

We wonder how much people know about the movements they make. For example, how accurately can we describe the fine details of an arm movement? We use behavioural methods to quantify this metacognitive ability and (f)MRI and EEG to understand the brain mechanisms underlying it.
We collaborate with Hermann Müller and Lisa Maurer for this project.

A couple of manuscripts are underway. For now, have a look at our posters.

Arbuzova, P., Peters, C., Röd, L., Koß, C., Forster, C., Filevich, E. (2019) Measuring Motor Metacognition. 9th Mind, Brain, Body Symposium, MindBrainBody Institute. [Poster]

Peters, C., Filevich, E. (2019) Metacognition of motor control – do we have conscious access to the details of our movements? ASSC 23, London, Ontario. [Poster]

Arbuzova, P.*, Filevich, E. (2019) The relationship between visual and motor metacognition depends on the demands of the first-order task. ASSC 23, London, Ontario. [Poster]